NiceDay is een bedrijf dat zich inzet om jongeren met psychische problemen te ondersteunen. Voor de behandeling die zij bieden, maakte ik een uitleganimatie.

I regulary post some short GIF's that I animated. I made them for myself, just because I really enjoy making them.

Beside illustrating I also enjoy playing with compositions and creating patterns.

I created a short commercial for a new restaurant. The video tells you more about all of the posibilities from the building, for events and overnight stays.

Five students made a book for children, about how to behave around dogs. And I made alle the illustrations for this book.

Some free illustrations I created for myself.

Op mijn blog deel ik maandelijks zelfgemaakte achtergronden. Inmiddels heb ik al 10 series achtergronden gedeeld. Maar hier komt elke maand dus weer een nieuwe serie bij.


huisstijl de paarse uil

I made a complete corporate identity for Mitchel his new company, de Paarse uil (the purple owl).

flatlay 1 blijmakers ilonaa

I shoot flatlay pictures regulary for my blog. Here I have some examples that I shot for my own blog.

For school I created a commercial for FairPhone; which they could use on their Instagram profile. It is a commercial that shows the benefits from a FairPhone.